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However, no matter what life throws your way, keep in mind that you always have options. There are always things you can do, actions you can take and decisions you can make that will help keep you focused and on track with your goals. Instead, we must learn to step back from our emotions and strive to see the situation in an objective and logical way. You can then begin to identify the actual relevance and significance of the events that have just taken place.

In such instances, we must question what pieces of the puzzle we are missing.

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We must then look for the necessary tools, strategies, knowledge and the support we need to help us overcome these obstacles in optimal ways. Sometimes obstacles are only as real as we make them out to be. At other times, obstacles are only as real as the assumptions that are clouding our judgment. Sometimes, the answers we need to overcome an obstacle come from sources outside ourselves. Approach these people, seek out mentors, life coaches or experts to help you find the answers you need to achieve your goals.

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When obstacles surprise us unexpectedly, our first reaction is typically no reaction at all. We just freeze and have absolutely no idea what to do. This paralysis may seem unhelpful at first. However, it actually gives us a moment ponder and think through our circumstances in optimal ways. Where must I look for more information? As a result, you can slowly start building the momentum you need to attain your goals.

This is especially relevant when you consider the value we gain from taking the time to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required to achieve our goals. That is how to get your priorities in order. To overcome an obstacle, you must first understand how it manifested in your life. With this in mind, ask yourself:. In such instances, we must quickly come to the realization that solutions can only be found when we take the time to explore other possibilities and scenarios. To do this, quietly sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself over and over again the following two questions:.

The more options you have, the more opportunity you have for finding a suitable answer to the problem at hand.

1) Perceive And Believe

However, you must first, of course, understand what it will take to turn these options into opportunities. Only in this way will you work through your problem in optimal ways. These questions will provide you with even deeper insights into the nature of your problem and the potential solutions that may arise. Asking effective questions will help you gather new insights. Choose to live life as a scientist and challenge yourself to experiment your way through your problems.

6 Steps for Success in Life

When confronted with an obstacle, the worst thing we can do is to deny that the problem exists. When we dismiss that something exists we close ourselves off to possible solutions, answers, and opportunities that are waiting to be discovered. With that in mind, we must come to accept and acknowledge the circumstances for what they are from an optimistic , solution orientated, yet realistic perspective. Without problems, there would be no need for creative or critical thought. And that is precisely how we have continued to advance as a species.

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With that in mind, you must consistently take the time to learn and use these two thinking skills to your advantage when solving problems. It takes significant work and effort to develop these essential life skills. However, nurturing curiosity can undoubtedly give you a head-start. From there, I would suggest working through the 5 phase creative problem-solving process.

By taking small steps, you ensure that you always remain in control and avoid getting caught up in your problems. The key is to break down what you need to do to overcome your obstacle into small manageable chunks. From there, progressively work on one or more chunks per day until you successfully reach your outcome. To achieve any goal takes some form of sacrifice. There is, after all, a price for success , and you must be willing to pay that price in the form of change or sacrifice.

Many people typically struggle with this. They struggle because they get caught up in the instant gratification trap. Avoid this trap, and you will find it easier to overcome the obstacles that life throws your way. Progress is built upon a myriad of mistakes we make each day. The more you learn, the more you will grow and the better you will handle the obstacles that life blesses you with. When dealing with obstacles, simplicity is the key.

The more we try and complicate things, the more likely we are to become overwhelmed with our circumstances.

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You must, therefore, keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, because the toughest of problems are often solved in the simplest of ways. It will keep you focused on problems and not on the solutions you need to get the outcomes you want. With that in mind, you must develop the necessary self-confidence and the self-belief you need to help you work through your problems in more optimal ways.

Calmness provides you with clarity-of-mind. This allows you to ask better questions, to think more creatively, critically and effectively about your problems. After all, we attract what we focus on. You can, of course, acknowledge that someone else was at fault. When we look for sympathy from others, we come from the point of weakness. In those moments, we display an inability to control our fate.

You might have seen people who spell their name differently or have changed the spelling of their name. Diamonds, blue sapphires, emeralds, cat's eyes, and hessonites can be set either in white or yellow metals, but usually the white metals silver, platinum, and white gold are better. This number represents your life-path and plays an important role in deciding what your destiny will lead you to.

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